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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Experimenting going well.

Here are the lastest beads. In the first pictures is a big pile of porcelain beads that are straight from the biscuit firing this moring. They are destined for various finishing techniques including glazing with under glaze colours, coloured without glaze. A few are going for a special test - I am going to attempt to silver them - just the the Greek Silvered beads. Watch this space.
Also featured in the bottom photo is the latest batch of Egyptian Paste or Faience. Turquoise and creamy tan. Still needs some work - but we are getting there.
And last but not least - lampwork. Following the tutorial in the current edition of Making Jewellery Magazine these are my first attempt at scuptural lampwork. Not having any lampworking mashers to hand I adapted some stainless steel tongs and they did the job in the flower petals just nicely. They have not been cleaned yet so ignore the dark stuff in the hole. I will be making plenty more of these in the near future and listing them on my Etsy Shop.
Shop is not live yet - but will be by the end of the month.
Any comments and feed back is always welcome.
Till the next time

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  1. Lamp work has always fascinated me, but I haven't attempted it yet - yours are gorgeous and an first effort too - wow.

    Love the bisque stage beads - they look lovely just as they are - and oh that blue mix - love the texture