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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New lampwork

Having recently aquired a new but 2nd hand lentil press I have set to experimenting, after getting my torch set up that is.

Starting with the lush turquoise and ivory effetre glasses I made a few beads and then got to work with the press. First one is on the bottom left of the picture - and I think it must have been beginner's luck!

Then moved on a bit to try some other techniques. I have got myself some murrini and some brass mesh. I have been practising using the mesh as an inclusion encased in clear, and the idea is that when heated enough it creates bubbles that look like champange bubbles. This worked best on the one that cracked - sod's law. I guess I just didn't get the others quite hot enough. I will get the hang of this sooner or later!

Other than that I have been busy updating my Etsy shop, adding new stock and posting much improved photos. Go on over and take a look.
Back soon,

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I'm still here!!

I know...a very long absence. I have moved house and am still in a bit of a muddle but getting there but have not got set up for ceramics and lampwork yet.

I have started making again. I have been experimenting with some polymer clay. I decided to enter the monthly competition on the Making Jewellery magazine forum. Taking inspiration from the picture published there I have come up with these beads. Working from the elements that I found the most interesting - the colours and the textures. The brief does say that you should make something 'wearable' and I suppose in that respect I have not entirely fulfilled it - but they are in my opinion potentially wearable.
I will be getting the polymer clays out again soon. I enjoy the immediate results you get with polymer clays. Yes they have to be baked, sanded and perhaps varnished but compared to ceramics this is all so quick - packet to bead in less than an hour. I suppose then you could even make the bead, then the jewellery and wear it tonight!
I have been developing a load of ideas for my ceramic beads, which has now started a train of thought towards making some trinket boxes and even larger ceramic items. This is quite exciting as I haven't really make any ceramics of this type for a long time. I am looking forward to getting stuck in. I suppose I will have to start a seperate blog for them - lol.

Moving on from bead making and ceramics I have been busy with a commission for a tiara. I have never made one before, but here it is. Crystals and freshwater pearls. I am happy with it........but the bride has not seen it yet. I hope she is happy with it. It's for my daughter's friend. My daughter thinks it won't be bold enough to stand out against the bride's blonde hair, but I think the sparkle from the Swarovski ABs should do the job - especially if they get a sunny day. I am sure I can alter it a bit if necessary.
Well that's all for now folks. I will be back soon with lots of new work and news of a new competion.