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Sunday, 20 June 2010

I'm still here!!

I know...a very long absence. I have moved house and am still in a bit of a muddle but getting there but have not got set up for ceramics and lampwork yet.

I have started making again. I have been experimenting with some polymer clay. I decided to enter the monthly competition on the Making Jewellery magazine forum. Taking inspiration from the picture published there I have come up with these beads. Working from the elements that I found the most interesting - the colours and the textures. The brief does say that you should make something 'wearable' and I suppose in that respect I have not entirely fulfilled it - but they are in my opinion potentially wearable.
I will be getting the polymer clays out again soon. I enjoy the immediate results you get with polymer clays. Yes they have to be baked, sanded and perhaps varnished but compared to ceramics this is all so quick - packet to bead in less than an hour. I suppose then you could even make the bead, then the jewellery and wear it tonight!
I have been developing a load of ideas for my ceramic beads, which has now started a train of thought towards making some trinket boxes and even larger ceramic items. This is quite exciting as I haven't really make any ceramics of this type for a long time. I am looking forward to getting stuck in. I suppose I will have to start a seperate blog for them - lol.

Moving on from bead making and ceramics I have been busy with a commission for a tiara. I have never made one before, but here it is. Crystals and freshwater pearls. I am happy with it........but the bride has not seen it yet. I hope she is happy with it. It's for my daughter's friend. My daughter thinks it won't be bold enough to stand out against the bride's blonde hair, but I think the sparkle from the Swarovski ABs should do the job - especially if they get a sunny day. I am sure I can alter it a bit if necessary.
Well that's all for now folks. I will be back soon with lots of new work and news of a new competion.

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