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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The first batch of finished beads!!!!

This is the first batch of finished beads - fresh from the kiln. They are porcelain finished in stains and unglazed. I like the feeling of unglazed ceramics - though that is not to say I will not be using glazes at times as well.

Once my Esty shop is launched on the week before easter these beads will be listed for sale - but you can get your mitts on some sooner than that!

I am offering a bag of mixed beads in a free draw.

The rules are:

Sign in, register as a follower and leave a comment giving your reason of why you should get a bag of free beads - simple! But the conditions are that there must be at least 20 followers registered for the draw to go ahead, and you send me a picture of the piece that you make using the beads to be published on the blog.

Closing date is Sat 27th March at midnight.

Good luck!



  1. gorgeous beads Terri - I especially like the ones that look like little balls of wool :)

    If your prize draw goes ahead I hope I win - I'd love to see what I could do with these little fellas.

  2. Very nice beads. You could make larger ones to be used as weights for curtain pulls and bathroom light switch cords etc.

  3. I love these beads, especially the natural coloured ones. In their raw uncoloured state they look beautifully sunbleached like they have been found on the beach.

    I would make a bracelet with these as they would feel nice on the skin!

  4. great beads I love mixing glass beads and porcelain love the colours

  5. Love them and would love to be in the draw, I have ideas.....!!

  6. -These are completely beautiful, I am doing a ceramics degree and my bead frame was put in the kiln, the rods melted! Never mind I'll try again. You have inspired me!


  7. I would love to be in the draw for a bag of beads because they are such unusual shapes and patterns. It would be fun to design with them and lampwork and silver. I especially like the little ovoid ones that look as though they have been wire wrapped in the photo, is that an indent with a dark pigment in it?

  8. These are such fabulous beads! I'd love to go in the draw!

  9. What a wonderful surprise. I found you by blog-hopping and how pleased I am that I did. I am not pleased that I had written and long comment and managed to lose it LOL

    Now that I have stumbled across you, I am a followers, and by following you, you will come up on my blogs, so hopefully you will get lots more followers.

    I adore these beads and to think that you are new to all this - a m a z i n g - you have a very bright future ahead of you and I wish you luck with your Etsy shop.

    You can't beat hand made beads. Just think - every single one is a little work of art, and you can never get two exactly the same can you. The detail and texture on these is amazing - I just love texture!

    If I am lucky enough to win these, and depending on how many - I would love to use them to decorate a feminine bag that I will especially to suit them. I think they would love gorgeous on a summer bag, with creamy colours, and perhaps vintage lace etc.

    Thank you for the chance of entering such a wonderful giveaway, and now that I am a follower you can be sure that I will visit each time your blog pops up on mine to let me know you have posted again.

    Good luck with your new venture

  10. Oops sorry all my typing errors - I was hurrying in case it crashed again and lost my post

    What I meant to say that I would make a bag especially for them etc

  11. I think they are beautiful beads they so remind me of a Summer Sky with lovely floating clouds. and they would cheer me up as I am really down at the moment they would make me feel all summery, it is also my husbands birthday the day they are drawn and that would mean I will always remember them fondly.

  12. Would love to be included in the draw :)
    I think they deserve to be intertational ... and if I win some - they certainly will be! :D

    They make me crave for the summer :)

  13. hiya i would love to be included to Terri as i am experimenting with other beads dare i say that arn't glass and these are simply lovley x