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Monday, 2 August 2010

Silvered ceramics

Well I have been busy. For ages I have wanted to try silvering some ceramic beads - just like the greek ones. Did a lot of researching online - well tried to but there is not a lot of info on how it's done. Did find some references to 'poor man's silver'. This is 'silvered' ceramic jugs etc, from the 18 century (I think). They made jugs etc in the same designs as silver ones and coated them with a metallic paste which, when fired, made them look like they could be solid silver. The recipes I found were full of nasty toxic stuff - so thought perhaps I'd give them a miss.
Instead I have used PMC paste. Not on a glazed surface - just tumbled. The clay has not been high fired so it was still a bit absorbant. I think this has given me a nice 'textured' kind of surface. Definately goning to make more of these. Will have a go on glazed beads as well for the super shiney silver finish.

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