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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Neglecting my blog.

Well - I didn't realise it had been this long - but I haven't updated my blog since September. It's not that I haven't had anything to say or beads to share - but it just doesn't seem to have happend.

I did promise myself to blog more regularly as a New Year Resolution - but it's taken me a month to get started.

Well I have been making beads - lampwork, but took a break when it got just too damned cold in December.

I invested in a big hole mandrel - 5mm and made some big hole beads as christmas gifts. They take a fair bit of patience to make. The glass melting capabilities of my hot head torch are challenged - but we got there with a few mistakes along the way. Some are a bit wobbly - but I think I shall call this an intrinsic quirkyness.

I have taken part in a bead swap on the Frit Happens Forum and got a lovely little lampwork bear clutching a bunch of flowers. As it was my mum's birthday a couple of weeks ago and she loves bears I made it into a Fibula for her. Using a couple of tibetan silver beads, a length of 1.2mm sterling silver wire - and hey presto! The little bear was made by Pam at www.mapleglass.co.uk

This is the first fibula I have made that I have not scrapped, and have become so inspired that I made another with some of my own beads. These are Effetre Ink Blue trailed with fine silver wire. Not keeping it though. I have offered up as a prize in a PIF competition on the Frit Happens Forum. Next one will be a keeper though.

Have loads of plans for new beads - lampwork and clay - so will be back soon.


  1. Lovely beads Terri, I am especially fond of the last fibula!
    Bloody gorgeous it is!


  2. Thanks Nic, I was pleased with it myself. It's gone to a new home now - but I do have some more of these beads.